Unforgotten: The Untold Stories of Murdered Chicago Women

As we prepare to launch our project on 51 murdered Chicago women next weekend, most of them African American, I am excited to share the work of my journalism students over this past year at Roosevelt University. But as a journalist for the past three decades, I am also troubled, disheartened to some degree.

For while I know that we as a society care--we have to care--about the injustices inflicted upon even the least of these, sometimes it is difficult  to tell. 

Among the stories I have written over a career, the least amount of feedback I receive from readers of all races is when I have chronicled the lives and deaths of Black people. For stories about the trivial, for my recent story about cake, for instance, I received no less than nearly 60 emails, from Florida to Hawaii. I'm not mad about that. Matter of fact, the responses just may have inspired a cookbook.

But what about the Unforgotten: The Untold Story of Murdered Chicago Women?

It is a different subject than cake, for sure, weightier, substantive and so deserving of our attention. 

-John W. Fountain