It's Time

John W. Fountain as a Cubs reporter at the Chicaho Tribune circa  1991

They say that "the people" appreciate my pen as a voice of Chicago. I pray this is true.

It has been my joy and honor for the last nearly 13 years as a freelance columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. I do not know where my pen will land. But know this: I will continue speaking truth with purpose and passion as I seek to tell "our" stories with all my heart--as I have for the last 30-plus years as a journalist at places like the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

But there comes a time when every writer/journalist must treat themselves with the respect their work and craft rendered deserves. 

I've always lived by: Never Internalize Their Disrespect.

I now say: "Never Accept Their Disrespect"

Thank you, everyone, for your support, love and even your criticisms over these years. This is not goodbye from my pen but the start of a new beginning, even if the road and destination are, for now, unclear. 

But God.

A Google search will always find me or my website:

I will be writing. I pray you will keep reading.

John W. Fountain