Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth

By John W. Fountain

So if I tell you my truth
And it tickles your ears
Relieves you of any guilt
Makes your consciences feel clear
Fills you with self-righteous indignation
Makes you point the finger
(Not over there)
But over here
Compels you to cheer:
“Preach, Brother Fountain…
Tell YOUR people the truth
They don't need Jesse or Al
They need to listen to YOU…”

Our Sin: Born in America, Male, Black

By John W. Fountain 
I cannot rest
Cannot write
Cannot carry on today
Unless I pause
to say:
“Why the hell did those cops treat Alton Sterling that way?”
Shot in the back and chest
While he lay helpless on the ground
Armed & Dangerous white killers get taken in without incident
Black men
get shot down
Armed or unarmed?
It really doesn't matter
Licensed to kill us on sight
The same old American chapter
“Shoot to maim, shoot to kill”
The lynching of black men
An historic American thrill