My Response to Anonymous: Put Some Respect On It

By John W. Fountain
John Fountain Sr., the author's father whom he barely knew
as a child.
Dear Anonymous, Thank you kindly for your note. I think I understand your sentiment. But let me assure you that the reality of single-parent, African American homes needs no reinforcement. Neither is it a stereotype. The reality is that 7 out of 10 black children live in single-parent, female-headed households. That’s 72 percent to be precise. Truth. Facts.
I am well aware of two-parent headed households. Aware that black homes have fathers. My home is one of them. I am a father, mentor, uncle, brother… And yet, I am the son of a single mother, a wonderful mother who was my saving grace. That is the spirit in which my column was written.

"The next time you write to me, do me a favor: 
Put your name on it."


The Reason Hate Hurts: 'Because it Was You, my Brother'

For inquiring minds:
The reason we, yes, even those who seem celebrated,
are wounded by “Haters”:

Because “Haters” are betrayers
Camouflaged as your “brothers”
Modern-day Traitors
Smile-in-your-face fakers
The Sons of the envious brothers of David the shepherd boy
Still bitter that God made you his pride and joy

Haters are those who speak well of you in your presence
Bask in your essence when it benefits them
And yet despise your gift and blessing because it isn't them
They betray with hugs and brotherly shakes
Wear the mask
Play charades
Fill their trap with murderous bait
Of unsought praise

Roosevelt University Professor Wins Lisagor Award for Column Writing

Best News Column or Commentary at a Major Daily Newspaper
John Fountain with the legendary journalist Harry Porterfield,
also honored at Friday's Lisagor dinner with the "Lifetime
Achievement Award." 
       John W. Fountain was awarded the prestigious Peter Lisagor Award for best news column or commentary at a daily newspaper with a circulation of more than 250,000. He received the honor Friday May 5, at the awards dinner of the 39th Annual Lisagor for a series of columns on “ChiRaq,” written in 2015.
      It was Fountain’s third Lisagor awarded by the Chicago Headline Club each year and his fifth time being named a finalist since his weekly column began appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times in 2010.
     The Chicago Headline Club is one of the largest Society of Professional Journalists chapters in the country. More than 300 people attended the event held at the Union League Club of Chicago. The awards, which recognize the best of Chicago journalism, are named for Peter Lisagor, the Chicago Daily News’ Washington bureau chief from 1959 to 1976.

Men Answering the Call; Making A Difference

Principal Pamela J. Powell (left front) with students at the Matteson Elementary School in the south suburb and men from
the surrounding area and beyond who come to the school to help children read on Thursday mornings with John Fountain.
By John W. Fountain
Melvin Wormely is among the men who read on Thursdays.
Update on “Father’s Day Thursdays” at Matteson Elementary School: About 30 men showed up—from far and near this week. Among them a man named Gabriel. From Village of Matteson Police officers, to a pastor, to a firefighter, to men of all walks, they filed through the doors to read to the children of the Matteson School, wearing shirts and sweaters or ties and uniforms, or a clergy collar.
Hallways were dotted with desks and chairs as children read to men who sat listening intently, sometimes helping to sound out words, smiling, encouraging, commending. Inside some classrooms, the children read to men or a man read aloud, standing in front of the class, students hanging on every word. These were among the obvious observations.

"They see themselves and these children as part of “our” village—as being connected regardless of race, class or any other manmade boundary."